EDBRR is run totally by a small team of volunteers dedicated to the protection, rescue and care of all bat species. Due to ever increasing hazards such as chemical waste, loss of roosts, extreme weather, cat attacks etc, we are receiving more and more injured bats.  All need individual assessment and rehabilitation before they can be returned to their natural habitat. All the costs incurred mount up, particularly during the winter months when the bats cannot be released, and therefore need extended care including housing, heating and food. 
Some bats can never be released due to the nature of their injuries making it impossible for them to survive in the wild.  Happily, this is a very rare scenario, but the few bats that cannot be released stay at our rehabilitation base where they  adapt extremely well.These bats can then act as ambassadors for their individual species by way of educational talks and visits around schools, local events and for training purposes.  After all, they are our only flying mammal so are, we feel, a very special part of British wildlife.
All of our bats have a story to tell and we feel an adoption scheme is the ideal way to share those stories whilst also raising funds to help us continue our rescue and rehabilitation.




We are in partnership with Bat Conservation Trust, affiliated to Dorset Bat Group.


The adoption scheme offers:


  • 4 different species of bat to choose from

  •   Personal Adoption Certificate

  •  Photograph of your chosen bat

  •  The story so far of your chosen bat

  • Information sheet on the species of your bat

  •  Window Sticker

  •  Twice annual update on your bats news


All for £24 per annum (payable via Standing Order or Cheque) or £2 per
month Standing Order, whichever suits you.

Here are the characters currently available as adoption choices:

My name is Bilbo and I am a Common Pipistrelle.

I am one of the smallest bats in the UK and I have a dark brown face

My name is Ross and I am a Soprano Pipistrelle.

I am one of the smallest bats in the UK and I have a light brown face

My name is Sonar and I am a Serotine.

I am one of the larger bats and like to sleep in roof spaces

My name is Jethro and I am a Noctule.

I am the UK’s largest bat with a wingspan of around 400mm

If you would like to adopt one of our bats and help us protect and care
for these amazing animals then please print and complete the Adoption Application Form which can be found by clicking "Adoption Application Form" on the left hand side of this page and return to us at the address given. 
Many thanks


If an adoption is not something you can  consider, either for yourself or as a gift, then here
are some other ways in which you may be able to help.


o keep bats at the rescue centre and rehabilitate them for release takes both
time and money.  You can help by pledging to buy a virtual gift.

You will receive a pack consisting of

  • Thank you letter

  • Window sticker

  • Information sheet


  • 250g of Waxworms                £7.50 

  • 250g of Mealworms               £6.00

  • Small Geo tank                       £4.00

  • Large Geo tank                       £8.50

  • Heat Mat                                 £12.00

  • Flexarium                               £40.00

  • Large Flexarium                     £60.00

Please make cheques payable to “E.D.B.R.R”

2.  If you live locally, why not donate your time and skills.  Anyone interested in lending
a hand, whether it be fundraising, clerical, educational, car boots, volunteering to crush cans,
stallholding or many other roles. 
Whatever you can offer we would love to hear from you.

3.  Just take a few minutes to learn a little bit about bats and pass on our details to
anyone else who may be interested.  

4.  Keep our contact details on your phone or in your address book.   It
could make all the difference to saving a bat one day!

5.  Join us as a supporter on Facebook







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