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Posted by Joanne Shynn on 13/06/2017   Email

Thank you for taking little Frodo were hoping he heals well under your great care, and that he'll be back in the neighbourhood fit and well soon

Posted by Julie Stevenson on 03/06/2015

Thank you for taking in our bat, Ash, and her 'bump'. Your enthusiasm for these little creatures is really infectious - you obviously love what you do - thank you for sharing so much with us. We feel that Ash has the best chance with you and hope for some positive news.

Posted by nikki owen on 09/10/2013   Email

Will be sharing with my children the work you do,and maybe take part in your walks one day.

Posted by Pat Jefferies on 27/10/2012

Thank you for bringing your Bats to Radipole, my Son and I truly enjoyed seeing them and learning more. I have added a link to my website to highlight the work you all do, thanks again

Posted by Mark Thompson on 30/06/2012

Excellent site. Many thanks for publishing high quality information and I hope the fund raising for the large flight goes well.

Posted by Mary Smith on 27/04/2012   Email

Thank you for caring for and about bats. Thank you for spreading the word that bats are important.

Posted by Friends of Kinson Common on 09/11/2011   Email

Hi Sally Many many thanks for your superb bat walks on Kinson Common which have resulted in new species being recorded. You are very dedicated to the welfare of these wonderful mammals. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Jill Noades on 06/08/2010   Email

Really enjoyed the walk over Kinson Common - looking forward to the next one.

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