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Bat walks-Kinson Common

Saturday August 22nd-2009
Excellent walk resulting in 2 new species being recorded !
Serotine and Natterer's.
Common pipistrelle, Soprano pipistrelle and Noctule have previously been recorded on site and were also heard.




Friday July 23rd-2010

Common & Soprano pipistrelles,Serotine & Noctule were recorded.

This Serotine was brought along for educational purposes.

Showing the pinned wing

Soprano pipistrelles less than 48 hours old


Noctule bat


Shown before a bat walk on Kinson Common- 20/6/08.

Found badly injured and later released



This photo is of a Serotine Pup rescued from a roof after being out of reach for several nights.She arrived dehydrated and emaciated at a stage of just getting her fur. We can only assume that something had happened to her Mother for her to not return to feed her pup. She has done well and now fully grown.

Fundraising stall


Kinson Common Community Open Day-10/8/08

Noctule with pinning


The female Noctule had collided with fishing line which broke her Radius and Ulna of her forearm. A walker found her crawling around in mud starving and in great pain. Her forearm was stabalised by pinning for it to heal by our vet David and later removed as it impeded the movement of her thumb. She was successfully released 4 months after coming in and returned to her colony. Hopefully she has had another pup this summer.



Wing damage

Serotine- cat attack


Was unable to fly due to two broken fingers in his wing. He was a juvenile male and we splinted the bones to allow healing.

Soprano pipistrelle- cat attack


Sadly very common in July and early August. Cats can hear the bats calling to their mothers as they prepare hesitantly to take to the wing. Flying takes practice, as does catching insects for food and young bats are very vulnerable at this time to the domestic cat.

Whiskered- damaged wing                  

    Sadly very common in July and early August.




                                                                                          A very small bat!

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